How Crewe Swim Garments are Made

By Ryen Flint

How Crewe Swim Garments are Made

We can all agree that we must take care of our homeland, and do our part each and every day. We can all attempt to hold ourselves accountable on a personal level by doing things like properly disposing of personal waste, minimizing consumption of supposed harmful materials, or volunteer to clean up trash on our local beach, etc. So what should we all demand of ourselves as business owners in garment manufacturing?

At Crewe Swim, we prioritize this question because we know that fashion is the second leading contributor to global pollution. Further, we know that sustainable business practices are already "baseline" for most consumer brands, and we want to be ahead of the curve.

Supporters of Crewe Swim can rest assured that they are doing their part when it comes to mindful swimwear and apparel consumption. 

How can we promise this? 

First of all, we are transparent in our business model and supply chain. We are “made-to-order”, meaning once an item is purchased on our website, our factory is then notified to begin producing the order. We do not pre-manufacture our inventory, nor do we have to worry about getting rid of products at the end of a season. Crewe Swim Hybrid Shorts are made of 95% recycled polyester, and our continual research and testing aims to introduce renewable fabrics to additional products in the future. 

You can imagine that this model saves resources on multiple levels. From water and fabric usage, labor, transportation of goods, packaging, and storage - we save time, energy, and earth’s valuable resources.

Enjoy Crewe Swim products knowing that you chose, with intention, to represent a brand that is forward-thinking and participating in the latest sustainable and environmentally friendly practices available. 


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