How Crewe Swim Came About

By Ryen Flint

How Crewe Swim Came About

It was late Spring of 2020 in Santa Barbara while sitting at my computer when I saw a Linkedin notification slide across the screen. I hadn't remembered enabling such notifications, which made this one special. It read "Private Water Polo Coach wanted". As a rare use of what most know is a platform mainly for professionals to connect, I had to click in and check it out.

Before I knew it, I had my sights set on spending seven weeks of the following summer meeting new people and giving my time as a coach. Covid was in full swing and most pools were closed, and offseason training indefinitely postponed. I was invited to train 20+ Marin County-based water polo players on the Bel Marin Keys Lagoon in Novato. And what an incredible experience it was.

Upon completion of the extended Angry Otters training session, I posted on instagram:

"I am going to miss my boys from the dock. What was initially 7 weeks, turned out to be 4 months of a pieced together, yet incredibly rewarding water polo academy. I am of course speaking to the relationships forged and the hard work these young lads put in amidst our oddly structured lives, without any prospective formal competition to look forward to. This game is damn lovely when the best buddies learn to strengthen camaraderie and express their true vigor in the water. A sincere thanking goes out to all involved. I saw too many great moments to count, but they will remain engrained in my noggin, constantly reminding me of the countless positives attributed to this sport. I’ll be back next year excited to witness their progress. Congrats to @leiflacy , soon to join the gaucho family. AngryOtters4L"

I realized what I was able to offer to the community of hopeful young athletes and decided I would not stop. We ordered suits through Turbo that all of the boys still wear today. 

I was honored to be invited back the following year for another session and join the local SHAQ Water Polo Club as an 18U head coach for the summer Junior Olympics. My previous 4+ years were spent working for a philanthropic apparel venture where I educated myself on supply chains and the textile industry. It was the point just before returning to Marin when I started to think about how I could avenge my previous attempt in the apparel business and create the brand that the aquatic sports and activity niche needed. We started with suits of our own through a domestic vendor who proved to deliver great quality. The relationship developed into an integrated partnership with a seemingly limitless and bullet proof supply chain, prioritizing innovative and sustainable practices. 

Crewe Swim is an inclusive Swimwear and apparel brand built to encourage a positive path forward for youth through aquatics. We hope you enjoy the journey with us.

Ryen, Co-Founder


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