Crewe Swim custom swimwear and swimsuit store provides a unique swim apparel brand built to encourage a positive path forward for youth aquatics programs and sustainable clothing and swimsuits. We focus on water polo, swimming, and diving, but the vision is much larger than the competitive water sports arena. With a 20+ year footprint in multiple California communities, and through a variety of philanthropic events, Crewe Swim is committed to youth development by offering children of all ages new opportunities and new skills. Crewe Swim addresses the need for eco-friendly clothing, with a passionately sustainable approach to the clothing industry by using cutting edge textile technology, such as the 95% renewable polyester in our men’s water polo and swim suits, as well as supporting our domestic production! (swimwear made in the USA), Crewe Swim is proud to be part of the clothing revolution, as well as the water sports that change the lives of youth forever. Join us on an adventure to source the best swim apparel, swimsuits, water polo suits, and diving suits!