Performance swimwear and lifestyle apparel made in California.

The pool is for everyone. At first, allowing nothing more than a doggy paddle. But eventually, after you’ve been there over and over again, persistent and exhausted, you learn to float. This is a celebration of the journey and the upward gradient that is learning to swim. A recognition of the countless hours spent discovering the body’s physical breaking point, only to achieve the veil of effortlessness. 

Crewe Swim partners with California based Swim, Water Polo, and Dive programs to which it will direct 10% of sale proceeds. Shop the latest in aquatic sports wearables while contributing to the youth in support their aquatic athletic pursuits.

Feel good about your purchase.

We pair a fresh outlook with sustainable practices throughout our entire production process. Our partners in manufacturing prioritize ethics and are constantly innovating their protocols and incorporating recycled materials in order to minimize our footprint. Every purchase represents your commitment toward conscious consumption.