Men’s Water Polo Suits: Finding the right fit and size.

By Ryen Flint

Men’s Water Polo Suits: Finding the right fit and size.


Ordering a new men's swimsuit online for yourself or someone else? 
The primary benefit of the speedo or brief style swimsuit is the reduction of drag to create a more streamline swimming experience. For men's swimming, water polo, or platform diving, a men’s suit should fit snugly around waist and legs - and upon tying the drawstring, should create a tight, yet comfortable fit. 
Our dual-layered, competition and training Men’s Water Polo Suits fit true to size and our eco-friendly polyester blend is the softest and most durable in the game. If this is your first men’s swim brief / "speedo", the fit should be snug around the waist and legs, without prohibiting the movement of your legs, or creating discomfort. Crewe Swim briefs feel snug at first wear, then after use in the pool should loosen slightly, stretching to enable a comfortable, formed fit. Crewe's men's swimsuit sizes range from 24-40. With all that said, we encourage our customers to order one size larger, should they be "in-between" sizes. For example, if they are typically a size 31 waist, we suggest ordering a size 32.
Send us a message if you’re still not sure which size to choose!
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